Don't Out Smart Your Common Sense

There's a current country song called, "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice that has the terrific line: don't out smart your common sense. As a high school teacher and the mother of five teens (you can send donations of wine to me at any time....), I think this should be written on every bathroom mirror in America, and possibly tattoed backwards on the foreheads of some young men.

I admit that I have had my own lack of common sense on occasion. I have even had serious lapses of judgement. However, I have never, ever, never sat DIRECTLY in front of my teacher's desk and attempted (rather poorly, I might add) to cheat on a test. Yeah, that was my day today.

I have spent more than my fair share of time trying to convince social workers that I, the mom, actually know what would be best for my own child. This would be the child that I have spent 14 years with. The child that I have raised. The child that I know intimately. That child. And yet, the social worker knows best. Because she has letters behind her name that I do not have. The social worker who has spent maybe 5 or 6 hours with said child. The fact that said social worker is not dead speaks volumes about my self-control. (However, there are a couple of social workers that are now FULLY aware of the wrath of an Irish mother.)

Seriously, though. I think much of our Christian life is just common sense. If someone dies, go to the funeral. If someone needs help, give it to them. When there is a wedding, go celebrate with the happy couple. When you hit your knees, start praying. Woody Allen said once that most of life is just showing up. That is true. (I have a cousin, Kathy, who is REALLY good at this. I haven't figured out if she is extremely compassionate or just loves any type of family get-together.) As a Christian, we shouldn't out smart our common sense. We need to do exactly what Christ told us to do: pray, celebrate together in His name, comfort those who need it, and share what we have. Don't out smart your common sense, and don't overthink Jesus.

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