Is there a question in there somewhere?

As a teacher, one is never supposed to say, "That's a stupid question." We are supposed to say, "There are no stupid questions"....but there are.

My two most favorite stupid questions are, "Is this gonna be on the test?" and "I was absent yesterday; did we do anything?" (My answer to that one is always the same: "No. we all missed you so much we just put our heads down on our desks and wept. We got nothing accomplished.")

I have been thinking about questions this week. A couple teacher pals and I are working on putting some solid critical thinking skills into a school-wide curriculum, and the essence of critical thinking is learning to ask questions.

One of the things that I read is that a question is a signal to our brains to get into gear, sally forth, explore and expand. An answer, although satisfying, signals our brains to stop. Makes sense, huh?

Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying, "Computers are useless. They only give answers." There is something to that. I know that when I interact with a fabulous piece of art (physical art, a novel, a movie), it generates a million questions that rattle about. The only questions my computer seems to generate are ones like, "What the hell is wrong with this thing????"

I try to teach my students that God is all about questions, and that all questions are fair. In fact, He's the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Questioner, and life is all about exploring the vastness of that. It occurs to me that people who are spiritually miserable are the ones who think they've gotten the answers and are unsatisfied with them. They've stopped asking the questions.

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  1. "always the more beautiful answer
    Who asks the more beautiful question"


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