I Walk the Line

I am fascinated by religion - all religions: big, small, weird, bland, worldly, sect. Love 'em all. (Except Scientology. Really.) I love the fact that all people, everywhere, in all times, wrestle with the same questions of the human existence. I love the creative answers we've come up with. I love that we build amazing pieces of architecture and create beautiful pieces of art and music in order to give glory to God, however, we understand Him/Her. I love that we continually search for Truth.

So, no surprise that this story caught my attention: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=125223168
I have an affinity for Japanese Buddhism anyway (no gift for it, mind you - I couldn't sit in meditation for more than a few minutes before wandering into the next room for a nice cup of tea), but the idea of walking the distance of the world's circumference in search of peace of mind is enthralling. And I really love the idea of the Immovable Wisdom King.

I'm constantly seeking Wisdom. Teaching high school, I don't see a lot of it. (You DO know what "sophomore" means, right?) I'm not saying that I'm much wiser than my students. I'm probably just a step or two ahead of them. Actually, I find Wisdom quite frequently. However, I want Wisdom to bend to my will, my desires, my wants. And it doesn't. Wisdom, as Endo the Monk has discovered, is immovable.

Christ, of course, is the Way, the Truth, the Life: Wisdom beyond Wisdom. The best thing for me to do is put myself at His will and His Wisdom, and walk in His ways. I know this. But, sophomoric human that I am, I wander away from The Truth. I try to move it. I try to get Wisdom to see things my way, walk along the route I've chosen, go off grid, get lost, get disorientated, back-track and generally go astray.

This is my pilgrimage: to walk in the Way of Immovable Truth, to walk HIS line, and not stumble...too much.

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