A little peace of mind, from a little piece of my mind...

It has been a long week. School was long and hard, home was tough, my body and brain rebelled, and I'm done. All I've got left is a little piece of my mind to share, about peace.

I've been looking for some peace this week, and ran across this lovely (if disconcerting thought) from Father Bede Jarrett, OP: "[Peace is] compatible with every form of suffering, with every privation, with every failure....it as compatible even with discontent; nay, it really necessitated discontent." He goes on to say that we must be always be discontent until all things are restored to Christ.

I know this is true. I know that my dark-haired daughter won't have the peace she needs and deserves in this life, but I am confident she will in the next. However, I plan to do everything in my power to make sure that gets as much peace as she can enjoy now.

I know that our finances will be "discontented" for some time, if not forever, in this life anyway. And I really shouldn't complain, given the incredible abundance we enjoy given the way most of the world live. My worries about money, bills, and finances are miniscule compared to many, many others.

The trick - if it is a 'trick - is to find peace amidst the struggles and hardships. I know that I'm not going to have complete peace in this life. The best we can get is those small slivers of it - creeping in on a rainy day when the kid is napping and the tea is hot. Or a quiet dinner with the dear husband, even if it is only at the bowling alley in town. A phone conversation that leaves me laughing. A drawing from the curly-haired daughter that is simply breath-taking.

It is these moments of peace that all peace is built on. I'm going to be restless, empty and tired, until Eternal Life grants me Eternal Peace.

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