Not relishing this relic

I love a good relic as much as the next Catholic girl. Uncorrupted bodies, bits and pieces of habits sealed next to medals, outrageous claims of the "true cross" - my kind of geekdom. But I just can't warm up to the Shroud of Turin....

Some sources are reporting that due to Pope Benedict's visit to Turin, he is giving tantamount credence to the Shroud. I don't read things that way. However, even if every scientist lined up tomorrow to give authentication to the Shroud tomorrow, I really wouldn't care. I don't think it will prove anything to those who don't believe and for those who already believe, it won't make much difference. It's interesting, but my overall feeling is, "So what?"

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've just never been that excited about the Shroud. Let me know if you see things differently.

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