Say Yes to the....Groom?

There are a lot of stupid things on TV, and you don't need me to tell you that. However, I do want to call attention to one stupid thing that burns my toast.

TLC has a show called "Say Yes to the Dress" that features women with way too much money shopping for wedding dresses. I mean WAY too much money: thousands and thousands (and even more) on a....dress. Not a house. Not even a vacation of a lifetime. A dress. (As my father would say, "And it doesn't even have a basement under it.")

One young woman, after driving the sales staff nuts with endless fittings and her general neediness, finally made it to her big day. The camera caught her just after the ceremony, and smiling with great joy, she said to the camera, "Everything was just perfect. And the most perfect part of the day was [wait for it] the DRESS!"

Gee, honey, what about that guy standing next to you? Doesn't he count for anything on this special day?

Dear husband and I just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. My parents made it to 59 years before my dad passed away. My dress cost a couple hundred bucks. My mom's was even less - my grandmother made it in 1947, and it couldn't have cost more than $100. And while both our dresses were lovely, and fun to wear, I guarantee you neither my mom nor I thought the dress was the most important aspect of our respective wedding days. Nor would I have cared if I got married in an old dress, a simple suit or a gunny sack. I was just thrilled with the idea that I was going to get to spend my life with this wonderful man, and we were going to promise each other that our union was going to be for a lifetime.

I said "yes" to him and to God. "Yes" to the adventure of a lifetime. "Yes" to good, bad, ugly, rich (relatively speaking!) and poor, better and not so great. "Yes" to kids, dogs, cats, birthdays, Christmases, weird relatives and even weirder friends. "Yes" to a covenant that will outlast either of us, in our children, and God willing, our grandchidren. You wanta say yes to a dress? Go ahead, but I guarantee you, saying "yes" to your groom and to God will work out a whole lot better for you and that guy standing next to you.

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