Because it's okay to hate Catholics

Catholics and Catholicism are at the receiving end of a great deal startling vituperation in contemporary America, although generally those responsible never think of themselves as bigots. - Philip Jenkins

Hyundai is airing a commercial, inspired by theWorld Cup and apparently a great deal of hatred for what we Catholics hold sacred. There are a number of offensive aspects to this ad, but the most egregious is people kneeling to receive "communion": slices of pizza.

Why is that, in our country, we tiptoe around the Islamic faith, but it is okay to denigrate the Catholic faith? Of course, our country has a long history of anti-Catholicism, but why is it that the cultural elite fail to acknowledge it as such?

It's not okay to be mean. It is not okay to put down someone else's religious beliefs. And it's not okay, just because it's the Catholics.

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