Continuing Adventures in Blogland - the "K" Diaries

I'm still wandring through the "K"s of Blogland.

Today,  I visited  "Karlo M. Leonor" at  (Clearly, some bloggers have trouble with names for their blogs.)  This blog is a bit grim looking;  I don't like the dirty gray background.  That being said, the photos here MORE than make up for it!  Karlo, an American college student, is obviously spending some time in Rome, and sharing the visual treats with his audience.  Check it out!

"Kathleen's Catholic" is next (, the blog of a Catholic homeschooling mom.   This is another visual treat.  However, Kathleen also has a lot of substance here as well, tackling issues like socialization and homeschooling (Really?  Why are people still talking about this?  Sigh...It's okay:  homeschooled kids are not socially inept.  Go back to worrying about something else) and male ordination.  I get the feeling from this that Kathleen and I would enjoy a cup of tea together.

Finally, today, another homeschooling mom:  "Keeper of the Keys" at  Loved the Papal Shield birthday cake - now THAT is Catholic!  The Little Flowers tea party was precious.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but lovely snippets of a family trying to be the Domestic Church.

I'll check out more soon!

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