Could you explain this to me?

Why does Tallest Son find the concept of a loving, just, merciful and Incarnate God difficult to comprehend, but the person that is Lady Gaga seems to be completely natural to him?  (Just so you know, he's not a fan.  However, the popularity of this person doesn't seem to faze him at all.  It just seems "normal".)

I believe all thinking people have crises of faith.  We - no matter how deep and compelling our faith is - cry out,  "Are you real?  Where are you???" at various points in our life.  However, I have to admit that I've never really had a true period of doubt.  I have always simply known that God is real.  And not just real:  that He loves me, cares about me and for me, and is moving in the world today.  (And yes, I'm aware that is a gift from God, not any personal confession of great faith.)

I've certainly been angry at Him.  I've felt distanced from Him.  I've questioned His answers to my prayers.  But I've never doubted His existence.

I think that's why it is hard for me to communicate with Tallest Son sometimes.  We don't always occupy the same head space.  I also know that it is completely normal for kids to rebel against their parents in their teen years, especially in the teen years.  I remember - quite vividly - Dad being annoyed by Bruce Springsteen and U2.  It isn't always easy to have what my kids perceive to be hyper-religious parents.  We not only go to church, we go to church EVERY Sunday...and holy days...and days when we don't even have to.  And we LIKE it.  We are friends with NUNS, for crying out loud.  Can you imagine the pain my teenagers feel at this??

Well, I struggle to work this out with Tallest Son.  I hope Lady Gaga finds her way, too (she strikes me as a profoundly lonely person), but Tallest Son is my immediate concern.  I know that it is Son's free will, and the best I can do is not be an impediment to faith at this point.  My example has to be stellar...and I know that it's not.  Can I be a better example to him than some celebrity?  Is my faith up to it?  It has to be.

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