The End of "K"

These are the last of the "K" Catholic blog listings, and my favorites.

"A Knight's Walk In the Kingdom" is one that I think is most like mine in style and viewpoint.  It is the blog of a dad, and it's at  Check out his rosary for men.  This blog has a very masculine point of view, yet is quite appealing to me.

The next one is "Knit and Pray", and I wish this woman was my neighbor!  I can't knit, wish I could, and this homey, craftsy site makes me want to hang out with this lady!   It's at  I want one of her round blankets!!

"Knocking Everywhere" ( is the blog of a Catholic wife, mother and grandmother.  I don't think this is the focus of her blog, but she is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  It is a sweet slice of life with kids, dogs and faith.

I think the title of "Know Your Catholic Faith" says it all for this one.  It definitely has a catechetical slant, and is quite good:  nice short pieces full of info.  I don't like the black background, but I don't suppose that is either here or there.  You can find this at is "Korrectiv".  This blog is a group blog, and it shows.  There is a lot of fun stuff here, but no focus, and it sort of reads like an inside joke:  a bunch of friends talking to each other.  It's a little hard to figure out what some of this stuff means, and not feel like an insider.

"Kyrie Eleison" is another "dad blog" at  There is certainly a focus on contemporary issues here, but I would like to see more of the author's point of view and less cutting and pasting of stuff from other sources.

The last blog (I'm a little relieved) shares a name with the one above:  "Kyrie Eleison Me" at, but that's where the comparison ends.  In the land of blogs, this one is really old - goes back to at least 2005.  It is the work of a woman who calls herself an "open minded Catholic", but I didn't see anything there that made me gasp in conservative horror. 

I hope you take the opportunity to look at some blogs you might not have otherwise seen.  I'm gonna keep poking around myself, but probably will only blog about the ones that really leap out at me.

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