I confess.....

Okay, I have to confess.  I like fashion.  I like clothes. 

I know it's shallow and silly, but there it is.  I look at fashion mags, keep up on trends, and gaze wistfully into store windows.  (I'm way to cheap to shop at 99% of retail stores unless it's the clearance rack, thus the wistful gazing.)

This does NOTHING to enhance my spiritual life, though, and until my spiritual advisors tell me to knock it off, I'm going to keep looking at shiny magazine ads for outrageously priced shoes.  The great thing about fashion though, is that it is functional (ya gotta wear someTHING), and it is entirely wacky.  Check out these photos from the Milan 2010 shows for men's fashion:

This is a skirt.  For a guy.  Yeah.....

Leather capris.  Ya gotta be a lot of man to carry this off. 
I am trying to think if there are ANY circumstances under which I could talk Dear Husband into wear green short-shorts and a peach silk sports coat...together. 

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