'Kay? Some more "K" blogs.

I continue my intrepid travels into "K" Catholic blogs. 

"Keeping it Catholic" at http://keepingitcatholic.blogspot.com/ is the blog of Marianna, an American Catholic with a devotion to our Blessed Mother.  My first impression of this blog is that there is a LOT of stuff here, and it is a little hard to see the forest for the trees.  It also is a blog that really will appeal only to Catholics, and those with a good handle on Marian apparitions.

"Keeping up with the Smiths" (http://happycatholichome.blogspot.com/) is another Catholic homeschooling mom's site, addressing family and homeschooling issues.  Great, simple writing, great photos and an attractive site!!  (I really love honesty in blogs - the fact that she admits her enormous consumption of ice cream while pregnant is a plus for me.)

My third blog today is "The Kennedy Adventures!" at http://www.thekennedyadventures.com/ is a really beautiful blog featuring (yep, really!) another homeschooling family.  (One is beginning to wonder if there are any bloggers out there in Catholic land who don't homeschool....other than me....)  This mom is also a nurse, and enjoys cooking.  Nice site!

I was a little puzzled by the last site I visited called "Kepha" at http://kepharocks.blogspot.com/.  I'm not really sure who the author is (a priest?), and it is about an organization called "Kepha", that appears to be some sort of boys' or men's group (?).  If there was a clear explanation, it eluded me.

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