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"Kicking and Screaming" is the blog of Paulist seminarian Tom over at Busted Halo (  Busted Halo is a great site in itself!  This is a terrific blog - witty, appealing and broad in scope.

"Kicking Over My Traces" is the blog of a commercial writer from CA.  This blog has a decidedly political, newsy bent.  It is certainly different from the raft of "Catholic-homeschooling-mom-blogs" that I've been seeing so much of.  The writing here is good, if a bit stiff (commercial writer?), but I'll certainly come back and take another look.  It's at

"Kingmancatholic" is the blog of St. Patrick Parish in Kingman, KS.  More of a newsletter than a blog, I can't see the wide appeal here.  It's found at

Finally, today, there is "Knight of the White Cross" at  This is a Minnesota father whose blog is "dedicated to renewing the ideal of authentic Christian chivalry, defending the Catholic faith, and serving the sick and the poor."  This site has a more intellectual (dare I say "geeky"?) bent that I quite like.  Also, he's included that outrageously funny Bob Newhart clip I had here awhile back.  What's not to love?

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  1. Elise, thanks for the kind comments about my blog even if I am a bit "geeky" :) But if you like Bob Newhart you must be okay. Cheers and happy blogging.


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