One way, or another

As a teen, I thought it was down right weird that my mom and dad read the obituarities with an almost religious fervor. My dad, (har, har, har) said he had to make sure his name wasn't there.
Of course, now Dear Husband and I do the same thing, mostly looking for the elderly relatives of friends, the occasional person from church or work, and awfully, sometimes, a peer.
However, I have to admit a certain entertainment value to the obituaries. My favorite was one a number of years ago, the death notice of a man well into his 90s that read: "Joe Smith passed away unexpectedly". Really? How long was he planning on staying here? I figure at the age of 90 or so, you gotta expect death is going to be sooner rather than later.
Another source of humor for me is the photos, especially those people who haul out the pictures from a long-ago youth for the deceased who are comfortably into their senior citizen years. Like you're gonna recognize them? "Hey, I think this is Carl! Maybe....with hair..." I have threatened dear husband with eternal haunting should he use my high school senior picture for my obituary.
There was a notice today that told us the woman who had passed had "...jumped willingly into the arms of Jesus." Dear husband thought it sounded like a suicide, whereas I had a mental image of someone jumping off a cliff, yelling, "Catch me, Jesus!" Either way, it wasn't a very dignified death notice.
Now my kids thinks it is weird that I read the obituaries, and I'm okay with that. As long as I'm laughing, my name isn't on that page.

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