Where is He???!!

I was talking to my mom today, and she was once again lamenting the fact that her parish church is one of those that has hidden the tabernacle.  Both of us thought that the majority of Catholics have no idea why they should genuflect in a Catholic church, and certainly stowing the tabernacle in some storage-room-come-chapel doesn't help.

She then said these were "St. Mary Magdalene chapels".  When I questioned that, she told me she had heard Fr. Mitch Pacwa refer to them this way.  Why?  Because "they have my Lord and I don't know where they've taken Him."


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  1. Oh my....I almost started to cry when I read that..especially when Father. Mitch quoted that..how true.

    Our tabernacle is in a location also that is somewhat hidden...

    I love your banner,,'the perfect joy of suffering in Christ'...that is profound! I was just sharing last week with another dear sister of the faith about how so many Christians want the 'good life' (we all do) but how many of us are walking in the sufferings of Christ?

    Your right,,there is joy,perfect joy...Blessings dear sister!


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