Fresh, Clean and Pure Friday #:5 Rest

 Ah, Friday!  It's been a long week at my house, and I'm ready to unwind a bit.  My take on "fresh" this week:  Rest.

Americans are notorious for not getting enough sleep, and it makes us cranky and less-productive.  It also makes us sick.  My body gave me a very clear sign this week that I needed rest.

Get a couple hours of extra sleep this weekend, take a nap, or just lay down and think sweet, pure thoughts.

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  1. Elise, I wanted to sincerely thank you for linking up this post on rest for my Fresh Friday/Seasonal Saturday blog hop last week. I have featured your post as one that I believe is most inspirational. I hope that you visit again with your beautiful thoughts. Wishing you blessings from our Lord and Intercession from his precious Mother, Mary, Roz


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