The Golden Legend

Everyone of us knows what it's like to browse through an old family album, enjoying stories and photos of people who have gone before us, and left us with great family legends.  We've got a photo of my dad fishing off a pier in China in his Marine uniform, a picture of my rather-uptight grandmother posing coquetishly in a bathing costume, and tons of pictures of me, my cousins and siblings in various stages of awkward teen-hood.

In the Church, we also have a family album.    A rather long time ago, in Genoa, a bishop by the name of Jacobus da Voragine put together an album, with lots of stories of our faith family, called The Golden Legend.  You know that story about St. Christopher carrying the Christ Child across the river?  That's from The Golden Legend.  It's a terrific and fun read.  You can find an online version here:

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