Six Word Saturdays

I discovered I love my job.


  1. That is awesome! It is always great to love what you do! I am dropping by from Cate's blog for Six Word Saturday! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love my job,too....and mine is hard one to love. I'm a CYW working in a high-needs neighbourbood, with at-risk youth at a high school with a bad reputation. But I love the work and God gives me the strength and (usually) the patience to get to know the kids beyond their anger and attitude. I really do Love my job!!

    Happy 6 Word Saturday!!


  3. Oh, that's great! I think that loving what you get paid to do is about the best thing out there!

  4. That's awesome! It makes it so much easier to go to "work" each day, doesn't it? I feel the same way about mine! Have a good Saturday!

  5. It definately makes life better when you love your job...sadly, most people don't. I love the little Halloween sweater and saying in your sidebar--no more ugly teacher sweaters! I used to work in education, so I totaly "get it". I have tons of holiday vests left over from those days.. LOL


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