Small Successes
Danielle Bean, over at Faith &F amily, believes we moms are often too hard on ourselves and should celebrate our small successes.  I concur.   On her blog, she asks blogging and non-blogging moms to share their small successes every week.  Here are mine:

1.  My 17 year old son, who until recently breathed fire in my direction whenever he was in the same county as me, just walked into my room and invited me to a concert.  Given how rocky our relationship has been over the past few hormone-enriched years, that is a success.

2.  No one died of starvation or food poisoning this week. 

3.  Although not a strictly-mothering related item, I have remembered to give the dog his medicine (almost) every day this week. 

We take our victories where we can get them.  Onward, Christian mothers!

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