Small Successes Thursday
1.  I remembered it was Thursday and time to make this post.
2.  Although I made my husband give me my birthday present - a Kindle!!! - early, I've only purchased one book.  I'm on a budget.  I shall follow it.  I promise.  Really.
3.  I've had dinner on the table every night this week.  Last night was pizza, but that's a Wed. tradition here, and every other dinner was home-made and on time.


  1. Great week!!! Have fun with the Kindle.

  2. Thanks. I appreciate the dinners.

  3. I am sure you'll love your Kindle. We bought some ebook readers recently and think they are a great investment. Have you seen all the wonderful free books available for downloading online? is just one of the available sources of books. Also, there are sites with great Catholic books - all free!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love making new friends! I have enjoyed reading your posts. I will visit again. God bless


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