Making the world a better place

The Christian Science Monitor is running this intriguing story today:

What are ways, gathered from the world's brightest and most talented in their fields, to make our world better?  I agree with some of them (starting the day with a hymn, for instance, or making sure all children are educated).  Some are clearly above my paygrade:  fixing the Mexican drug wars would be an example.

I am not the world's brightest, but the article made me think.  What can I do to make the world a better place?  Clearly, I'm not in a position to change public policy or affect global politics.  But I'm also not the type of person to sit back and say,  "This is too big a problem.  I can't do anything."  (Cue my mother's voice in my head:  "Do SOMETHING.)

So here is my modest proposal for making the world a better place in 2011:  I am going to be a better ME.  I will give it my all:  be more patient, a better listener, a better wife and mother.  I will put others first.  I will be kind to people that are not necessarily kind to me.  I will go out of my way to help another.  Less TV, more reading.  Less sitting, more moving.  I will return all phone calls and messages, and keep up with old friends. 

I can't fix the economy or sign treaties.  I can't build schools or shelters.  I can't offer medical services in Haiti or help plant crops in Africa.  I can make the world a better place though.  I can do SOMETHING.

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