Stopping "those people" from having so many kids....sigh...

I was in a discussion at a church-sponsored book club the other night, and the following comment was made:  "I know it's not Church teaching, but if they could just stop those people in other countries from having so many kids...."


I have lots of problems with this type of statement.  I can't possibly go through all of them here.

However, I did respond.  I said,  "You know, lowering birth rates isn't as difficult as you might think.  In most cases, all you  have to do is educate the moms."  I explained how giving women basic health and nutrition education, including fertility and breast-feeding information, typically lowers birth rates.  No sane mother wants her child to be hungry, born into poverty, or to die before adulthood.  Equipping women with knowledge - no artificial anything necessary! - helps to ensure lower birth rates and healthier kids.  Note that the Church works with Muslim organizations in this endeavor.

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