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St. Thomas a' Becket

Can you use a lift?

Making the world a better place

Merry Christmas!

O Emmanuel

O King of Nations

A plea for just a little more soul

Hey, lady: be patient!!

O Rising Dawn

Horrible, but real

O Key of David

O Root of Jesse

O Adonai

O Wisdom

Religious freedom = security

De-politicizing hunger?

It is not okay...

Sacred Place of the Day

Gaudete Sunday

Why all the menorahs?

Today's Menorah

Today's Menorah

Stopping "those people" from having so many kids....sigh...

Today's Menorah

Blogging Lite

Today's Menorah

Today's Menorah

Six Word Saturdays

Today's Menorah

Fresh, Clean and Pure Friday: Try something new

Today's Menorah

Small Successes Thursday

Because there aren't enough Hanukkah songs...

Today's Menorah

Happy Hanukkah!