Joy in keeping the Commandments

I love my Kindle.  It allows me to buy new books at about the price of a paperback, plus I can carry several books with me in one small package, and read whatever strikes my fancy (isn't that a great term?) whenever I have a few minutes.

That being said, nothing beats the thrill of a book store, especially the hunt in a used bookstore.  You just never know what you'll turn up, and what will open a new world for you.  There is a fabulous independent bookstore - with a great used book department - just a few minutes from my office.  Last week I found "Teachings of the Jewish Mystics", a lovely little book that has great quotes, sayings, and stories.  Here is one to munch on:

A person ought to derive greater pleasure from the joy of serving God and fulfilling His commandments than from all the money in the joy in the world may be compared with that of the commandments." - Elijah De Vidas

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