Life in a frat house

A friend sent me this via Facebook - how life in the frat house is just like life with toddlers:

I suggest that life with teens is also just like life in a frat house:

10.  No one gets up on their own before noon.

9.  Any food brought on the premises is immediately inhaled.

8.  "Dressing up" means picking up a shirt, sniffing it, shrugging and putting it on.  Add a pair of khakis and you're are set.

7.  Sheets?  Who needs sheets?

6.  The TV is always on.  Doesn't matter if anyone is in the house, let alone the room:  the TV is always on.

5.  "Can we get pizza?"

4.  Any flat, horizontal service is "storage".

3.  Socks are toxic.  Leave 'em where they lie.

2.  No one will ever willingly do dishes.  And there aren't any spoons.  Anywhere.  They're gone.  Just buy new ones.

1.  As obnoxious as it can be, some really great things happen here - things we will laugh about for the rest of our lives.

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