Freakin' out Friday

It's been a long week, and it ain't over yet.  I've got two big "work" projects, a bout of insomnia, red tape that I can't get untangled, and a stressful situation that just won't quit.  Officially, I am freakin' out.

I try to pray at regular times, but it is often the first thing to go when I'm stressed (and yeah, I know that just adds to the stress).  Sometimes my prayers are just, "Jesus, help me" or "Give me strength, O Lord".  And that's okay - not terrific, but okay.

Today, I'm gonna take a deep breath, pray the Liturgy of the Hours to start my day and get to work.  The Lord always does His part, and I need to do mine. 

Even if I'm just barely hanging on.

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