Geek Week!

Today's geek (yes, another fictional character) is Bobby Goren from "Law & Order:  Criminal Intent", played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Admittedly, I don't know much about this actor, but it is sooooo much fun to watch him as Goren.  His twitchy, obsessive detective is not someone you want as a best friend, but he is the guy you'd want investigating a loved one's murder.  He seems to know everything, from forensics to literature to complex math and foreign language.  Plus he seems to have no friends, unless you count his poor partner, Eames.  A modern-day Holmes?  Methinks he's in the running!


  1. I LOVE Bobby Goren! I don't know what happened to all his friends. He seemed to have a few in Season One. He'd go hunt one done when ever he needed a favor on one of his cases. So thrilled to see Det.Goren coming back for Season 10

  2. Oh, I love this guy! The character and the actor. He'll find a spot of mustard in a guy's car and guess that it came from one particular hot dog stand out of hundreds in the city, and voila! Crime solved. "Criminal Intent" was the only Law & Order I ever watched. And, this is the guy who played the alien cockroach-type dude in Men in Black, who disguised himself as a human and wandered around through the whole movie causing havoc. Marvelous performance. :)

  3. Goren is the best ever!!!!!!
    Dick Wolf was never one to show his detectives a personal side, in the series alas. Vincent D'Onofrio is the man who brings Detective Goren to life on our T.V screens he is IMO one of todays greatest character actors who has an acting career of over 30 years. How this man has never gotten an oscar beats me, could be because he has sucked up to anyone and always followed his own path :)

  4. Love him. What's that movie he was in Jennifer Lopez with the dream world? Freaky show.

  5. Was it J-Lo or Marisa Tomeo? That WAS a weird movie.....

  6. J-lo The Cell
    Marisa - Happy Accidents


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