Two roads

I read the other day that the hardest choices in life are not between what is good and what is evil, but rather between what is good and what is best.  My old friend Robert Frost knew this, as he stood at a crossroads, looking at two divergent roads on a snowy evening.

We all have choices to make, and there is no magic formula for making good ones.  The best we can do is pray, talk to others who know us best, do our homework.....and then take that leap of faith.  As cliched as that might be, it really is a hope your feet find solid ground, but you aren't sure.  You hope you'll see the ground just before you land, but you can't be sure.  You hope it is a leap not just of faith and knowledge, but of surety and safety.....but you just can't be sure.  It's faith.

This Lent, I find myself  in just such a spot.  There isn't a horse shaking his harness bells at me, but sans that minor detail, I'm right there in the woods, peering down two perfectly good paths.  And I know the choice will make all the difference.

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