A day of extravagence

In the Gospel today, Mary treats Jesus' with extravagent care:  pouring out expensive, perfumed oil and carefully cleaning and wiping His feet with her hair - the very feet that, mere days from now, will be pierced with a nail and pinned to the Cross.

Those around Jesus are taken aback - especially Judas, who thinks this act is a waste of money. 

The lesson here is that sometimes, we have to act extravagently.  We have to take that last dollar and buy someone a flower.  We scrape together the last bit of flour and sugar and bake a batch of cookies for someone down the street.  We take time from our "to-do" list on a busy day to sit and listen to the lonely soul.  We put aside our own crankiness and exhaustion  to read one more story to the little person in our lives.  None of this is a "waste", and this is Mary's lesson to us.

How can  you act extravagently today?  How can you perfume, anoint, and wipe the feet of Christ?

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