It seems that all of life is about changes.  Just when you get settled in one area, something else needs tending, there is a new experience to be had, or a road block gets thrown in your path.  I always laugh when I hear people say,  "I don't like change" or "I don't handle change very well."  Uh, that is the whole of our lives, isn't it? 

Youngest Son said this morning he needed new shoes.  Dear Husband said,  "I just bought you those".  Well, Youngest Son is growing so fast that, both of those statements are true:  we DID just buy the shoes, AND he needs new ones.  Change.

I've been given some new tasks to do lately, and it's left me feeling a bit bumbling and humbled.  Whenever you start a new adventure, there's that learning curve.  I'm at the part in the learning curve where I'm thinking,  "Am I ever gonna get this?  Am I ever gonna figure this out?"  It's unsettling and hard, but that's life.

Dear Husband and I just took Dark-Haired Daughter to a new place this week.  Her mental illness is now being diagnosed as bipolar, which is a mixed blessing.  I think having the diagnosis that we've wondered about for so long will help with her treatment, but who wants to hear that?  She's going to be living and learning at this new facility for awhile - more changes.

The blessing of my life is that I have the one great constant and eternal:  Christ.  The rhythm of the liturgical year, the structure of the Mass, the prayers of the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours all help calm that unsettling change that this world brings.  Knowing the Alpha and Omega will never change is not only helpful, but frankly, the only thing that keeps me from going right off the rails.  It truly anchors one's life, this Faith, keeping us from being swept away with all the changes we inevitably face.

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  1. Hi Elise. I was taking a break from writing a new post when yours caught my eye. I am writing about change too! I agree with your thoughts entirely. I have just expressed my musings in a different way. What would we do without that 'one great constant and eternal: Christ'?


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