Day two of Acton U.

I haven't been the most faithful blogger, but boy, have I been having a blast at Acton University!  There are stories of pink pens, mad dashes with lecture notes, helping the lost be found, blisters on my feet, an offer by a priest for a gift certificate to get my boss' hair corn-rowed (my boss is the whitest guy in the world...) and other much other frivolity.  Add to that some amazing lectures on Edmund Burke, subsidiarity, poverty and the developing world, and meal conversations with everyone from a rabbi from Jerusalem to a economist-professor from the a small Midwestern college.

Tonight's speaker was His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah, an Orthodox bishop.  He was a lovely man, with a deeply moving message.  Some of the highlights:
- Going to work or school should not be compartmentalized from our spiritual life.  It should be an encounter with Christ, much the same as church is an encounter with Christ.
- The more we ignore God, the more dis-integrated we become, both as individuals and as a society.
- The consumerism we are embedded in is an addictive pattern of trying to console ourselves from God-lessness.
- We can't wear the cross of Jesus Christ and not expect to be crucified on it.

That last remark was worth the whole day for me.  And tomorrow, I get to go back there, and learn more, serve more and enjoy more.  I am blessed!

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