I suppose it was inevitable.  New job, still doing the old job, kid graduating, party to plan, dealing with the needs of my mentally-ill daughter, did I mention the new job?

Yeah, I'm feeling crummy.  The smart thing to do would be to crawl into bed and not surface for a day or two, but we all know how that is gonna go.

So, it's hot tea, throat lozenges and a drippy nose for now.  (And that little voice in the back of my head:   "Offer it up".)

That's how a Catholic gets sick.


  1. How a catholic gets better: she lets go of the guilt, de-stigmatises her daughters needs and abilities, gets help with the party from her friends and family, shares her feelings with her partner, asks herself why she is doing this to herself, and accepts offers of help rather than martyring herself. I have just learned to do that and my life is so much better as a result. Take a day or two in bed and let others help. hope you get well soon , I love your blog.

  2. Jane: already got the caterer for the party ;)! Thanks for the note and I'm glad you're liking the blog!!


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