Uh, aren't you missing something?

The article is entitled "Protecting our bodies from hormone-disrupting chemicals:  a precautionary tale."  Creepy ads from the fifties talk about DDT and under-achieving ovaries, and the horrible results of adding this stuff into our food supply.

But the article never talks about the biggest hormone-disrupters of all:  artificial birth control!  Really?  You don't think this stuff has harmed our bodies, our water supply and the soil?  Get real!


  1. Actually, that would be one reason to support TCSA 2010 (if it's not been buried in committee or tabled to death): So we can get a future EPA to look at birth-control pills as a toxic chemical!

  2. It is so funny to me that some communities are banning any detergents that are biodegradable, because of their effects on the environment, and yet they make no mention of the hormones deposited in our water supply because of birth control. Amazing.


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