Contest! Contest! Contest!

I'm back from vacation and ready to roar!  Rejuvenated, rejoicing and realizing...I need more followers.  So, a contest is in order!

Starting today, July 25 until August 1, 2011, I am having a follower-drive.  For those of you who are regular followers, this gives you the chance to win a $25 gift card!!  Here's how it works:  urge your friends and followers (for those of you who blog) to become a follower here.  When that person becomes a follower, they have to leave a comment that they found my blog through you ("I came here from XYZ blog" or "Mary at Mommies on Wheels sent me here") AND they have to become a follower!  For those of you who read me on FB but are not an official follower, you can sign up too AND send me followers.  The person responsible for sending me the most new followers wins!!

Get out there and get me some followers folks - tell them what fun we have here!

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