Birth control for everyone! No cost! No responsibility!

Q:  Just what disease does birth control prevent?

 Yes, that right.  Children are now a disease.  They must be prevented.  And I'm gonna have to pay for it.  So are you.

This is an actual question and response from the above website, an ABC poll re' the "free birth control" movement.  The responses on the site are chilling.  I am keenly aware that there are a gazillion knuckleheads that freely mouth off on every topic, regardless of their level of competency on said subject.  However, it is clear from this poll that this is not an isolated opinion:  children are a disease, they are nothing but trouble, they cause nothing but heartache, they are a huge economic expense....frankly, children have no redeeming value and they must not exist.

Go ahead, read the responses and see what you think.  We've come to a point in our nation where children are bad.  They must be prevented.  If we can't prevent pregnancy, we'll abort 'em.  

Small wonder our kids are cutting themselves, are depressed, are contemplating suicide, and seeking love through sex.  We've done a very good job telling them how much we don't like them.


  1. This is not about free birth control, it is about insurance coverage, and Medicaid, mandated to cover birth control. Women who exercise choice about the spacing of their children are statistically more likely to have healthier children and to live more economically empowered lives.

    What does that mean? Fewer abortions and fewer children using government programs like Medicaid (for which we pay), food stamps (for which we pay), housing vouchers (for which we pay), other public assistance programs (for which we pay).

    Also, this policy will hopefully postpone the age of women who give birth for the first time. If that happens, more women will achieve higher levels of education and be in a better position to care for the children they choose to have.

    What part of this is disagreeable to you?

  2. Roxy, thanks for the comment. If you look at the above link, read through some of the comments. Many of them make it clear that the respondents REALLY dislike children - they think of them as a disease to be prevented. That quote above is an actual one from the website.

    Besides, I don't see the point of free birth control. Birth control, in many forms, is free or almost free to almost all US women. It has not done anything to reduce the rate of births of children born into poverty. In fact, the availability of birth control has only increased the births of children in one parent households. Children born to only one parent are 66% more likely to grow up in poverty than children born to two parents.

    Abstinence is free, and 100% effective. People are not animals, and can indeed choose not to engage in sex when they are not ready to be parents.


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