Is our culture too coarse? Methinks so....

Loved this article by Marcia Segelstein!  Here are a few out-takes:

Laura Ingraham, in her new book, Of Thee I Zing, describes being awakened from such a reverie while shopping in a mall one day.  Suddenly things came into sharp focus: teenage girls in jeans that looked like they'd been painted on, teenage boys checking to be sure their boxer shorts showed above their pants, an explicit Victoria's Secret window display, a child screaming for a ZhuZhu pet, people walking around trance-like staring at various electronic devices in their hands, nobody really noticing anybody else.  And she wondered how we reached this point.

Ingraham sums up the problem this way:  "Our manners are shot.  We dress like homeless prostitutes and derelict drug addicts.  We spend countless hours social networking and end up becoming less social.  Our pop culture has popped.  In areas as broad as personal grooming, recreation, education, parenting, faith, and even the way we travel, the verdict is in: we have fallen faster than a discount facelift.  We're going to hell in a handbasket (and the handbasket was made in China)."


Getting to the heart of the matter, Ingraham inveighs against the growing trend -- especially among young people -- to embrace "spirituality" and reject religion.  There's actually a moniker for this crowd -- SBNR (spiritual but not religious) -- complete with its own website.  On it, you'll find words of wisdom like, "All religions contain some wisdom, but no religion contains all wisdom."  Embracing such watered-down pabulum demands nothing, requires nothing, means nothing.  And Ingraham summarizes it nicely:"To be spiritual is to recognize that you have a soul, a spirit -- and the highest aspiration of a soul is the love of God, and reverence for Him .... What many of these spiritual searchers reject are the obligations of loving God as defined by established faith traditions.  Whatever faith one chooses, it requires a full embrace of certain eternal truths and credos -- a humility that recognizes you are not God and that He is."

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