Moral Authority and the gay marriage agenda

The new intiative, Faith in America, is quite specific in urging the use of this tool to create a crisis in moral authority among believers: "Being bigoted or prejudiced conflicts with a person of faith's core principles of love, compassion and respect. So making them aware that they are causing harm to others increases the chances that they will stop using religion-based bigotry."
I have pondered on the hatred I have generated, as a symbol of resistance to this new morality, in the gay community.
I do not think of gay people as my enemies, but as my fellow citizens, neighbors and sometimes friends, with whom I agree on many things and disagree on others, including the nature, meaning and public purpose of marriage.
I walked into the heart of the gay marriage debate to defend one great principle of truth: Marriage is the union of husband and wife because children long for their mother and father.
But this the gay elites cannot tolerate -- not the idea that anyone can see our Christian moral tradition as good.
To the gay rights movement, a strong moral confidence in the goodness of our marriage tradition is in itself the core moral offense, which requires disciplining, punishing, silencing, shunning.

From Maggie Gallagher, National Organization for Marriage


  1. Thank you. This is getting so hard to defend, this idea of traditional marriage. Kids look around the world, and just want to accept everything. They often have heard too much of this new moral agenda, and believe it. It's just about love, right? As long as they are not hurting others, it's fine. As long as they have found someone to love, it's fine. It's hard to impress upon them the importance of a mother and father/ husband and wife to the heart of the family when beautiful young men are portrayed as very sympathetic characters on very popular tv shows, and magazines are full of gay adoption and surrogacy stories that make is all seem good. Foundations in our faith are so important, especially when your kids turn 20, are never home, and can go out and believe and think what they want.


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