Oh, this makes me feel un-Christ-like!!!

Actually, it makes me want to pinch someone's head off:

"9 Amish men ordered to jail"

What's their offense?  They won't put orange triangles on their buggies.  Yep, that's the big crime.  Why won't they do it?  They say it violates their religious beliefs:

The men, who owed $158 in fines and court costs, said paying the fines would amount to complying with a Kentucky law they believe violates their religious strictures against wearing bright colors or trusting in man-made symbols for their safety, says the newspaper.

Do the chuckle-heads in Kentucky have nothing better to do with their time than go after the peace-loving, keep-to-ourselves, good-neighbor Amish?  For pity's sake:  do you Kentuckians not have a brain in your heads?  Leave 'em alone and go find some real criminals.  This is stupid. And a waste of tax-payer money.  And stupid.

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  1. Now this is something that would have been unheard of several years ago. We're seeing God allowing Satan's power to increase in this world and soon enough he'll be flexing those muscles against Catholicism. Whoever thinks the times of persecution are a thing of the past will be proven mistaken.

    God's will be done.


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