Teenagers are a plague on humanity

It happened again.  On the bus on this morning, I heard two guys discussing one of their kid's birthdays.  "Yeah, thirteen," one said.  The other commiserated, and said that he'd "lived through the teen years", and the other guy would "manage".  Guy #1 said he still "had two  years" with his daughter, and he wasn't looking forward to her becoming a teen.  "It's really sad, because she's so sweet now."

I wanted to say,  "Well, why not just put her down on the eve of her 13th birthday?  Save everyone the trouble."

What IS it with adults and teens??  Why have teens gotten such a bad reputation?  Yes, they are a jumble of hormones and contradictions, but they are fun, bright, expressive and generous.  My own daughter (who has been known to frighten both males and pets with her hormonal outbursts) came home from her college class last night bursting with news about new friends, the literary event she's been invited to next week, the manuscript she's plotting out, and all sorts of educational and social events.  You could tell her world had expanded in just a few short hours and she was just over the moon about it.  How cool is that??

So, here, in a celebration of teen-hood:  amazing high school science experiments.  Tell me these kids aren't going places!

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