Things I do not care about

  • celebrity weddings
  • weird food shows - as in, eating the testicles of some animal in a developing country and telling me how good they are
  • who might possibly be running or not running for office
  • political debates
  • the length of my kid's hair
  • the many ways to polish your nails.  Do you have ANY idea how many blogs and websites there are devoted to this?  It is appalling...or amazing...
  • the on-going arguments left over from Vatican II.  Mostly because those who are still arguing have never read any of the documents of Vatican II
  • where you choose to send your kid to school.  Not my business.
  • Your business.
  • arguing about religion.  I love to talk about religion, discuss religion, compare religion, answer questions about religion.  I do not care to argue about religion.
  • what kind of chocolate I eat.  I'm an equal-opportunity chocolatier

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