I am excited to announce the launch PovertyCure, a new initiative that champions the creative potential of the person and seeks to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that fills the developing world.

PovertyCure seeks to shift the emphasis:
  • From aid to enterprise
  • From poverty alleviation to wealth creation
  • From paternalism to partnerships
We often ask, “What causes poverty?” But the real question is, “What causes wealth?”

PovertyCure is about re-thinking our assumptions. We are an international network of individuals and over 100 organizations committed to a vision that recognizes the dignity and capacity of people to create value and prosperity for their families and communities.

Learn more at the PovertyCure website where you can watch the promo and read up on the Issues. The Voices section features short videos of entrepreneurs, political and religious leaders, and development experts like Paul Collier, Marcela Escobari, Michael Fairbanks, Hernando de Soto, and George Ayittey.

Visit the blog, and contribute to the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

I am very proud to be part of the PovertyCure initiative, and I hope you take a few moments to learn more about this very hopeful program that is based on the dignity and creative capacity of the human person.

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