So, am I really "stoopid" and naive?

One of blog pieces got picked up by a fellow blogger, but she was less than impressed.

My question to you, dear readers:  Is she right?  Let's converse about this one!


  1. Elise, I just came by to follow on the comment you left on my blog. First of all, thank you for the comment. Thank you for being a mother to children like my precious Sienna...children born to drug-addicted mothers, children who have been abandoned, outcast, and maligned. You are wonderful.

    Second, you absolutely are not stupid and naive. This blogger has no idea what it is like to love someone so much that you will give your life for them. It's one thing to be a "badass" and to "enjoy your vagina". It's another thing to give up your life to raise five children who the world has deemed not worthy of life. She claims to have raised another woman's child; if so, she ought to have more respect for the life you have given for your own adopted children.

    You are an inspiration, just like Edith Stein. I am so grateful that you stopped by my blog. I wish there were more women like you, who loved children whom the world deemed "unfit to live." They are children nonetheless, and deserve to live and to be loved.


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