Acton University

For those interested in religion, economics, and a free and virtuous society, the Acton University experience every June is incomparable.  Here is some great new information about how you can register and also take part in an online version:

Last week, the Programs Department launched registration for two exciting projects: the 2012 AU conference and AU Online. For those of you who don’t know, AU Online is an internet-based educational resource for exploring the intellectual foundations of freedom and virtue. Attending an AU Online lecture gives participants the chance to watch a live, online video presentation and interact with faculty and other attendees from around the world. 

We’re currently accepting registrations for the four-part pilot series that covers the foundational lectures that you’d normally attend at any AU or FAVS. The Foundational Series is scheduled to run twice a week, Dec. 6-15 at 4:00pm EST. 

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