"My Heart is Bethlehem"

Eternity stepped into time,  
And drew a mortal breath.  
Mystery so clearly seen  
The world could not forget  

That in the town of Bethlehem, 
In the most unlikely place, 
God, the father wore  
A child's face.

There's something in the heart of God,  
So purely meek and mild 
That finds its best expression in  
The longings of a child.
For every child's heart is hungry,  

To be found and loved and known  
A someone who would make their heart a home.

My heart is Bethlehem  
I will make room for him.  
This humble dwelling place  
Made worthy by his grace.

This child is still adored, 
Because he still is born  
Deep in the hearts of men, 
(To love and not condemn)  

My heart is Bethlehem
I wish for you this Christmas Eve,  

That you would find true peace. 
But silent nights are holy nights  
And wonders never cease.
There's no remembering,  

The ghost of christmas past  
For God's forgiveness finds your heart at last.
(lyrics by Michael Peterson, recorded by John Berry - look it up, you won't be sorry.....)

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