Religion, iPhones, church and apps....

This Wall Street Journal article shows that religion and technology are getting quite cozy. 

Some specialized apps help parents keep track of what their children are studying in Sunday school and offer discussion tips. Church leaders also hope the apps will entice teenagers to stay involved with their churches and will help provide spiritual guidance when they're away.
"That's their world: their iPhone. If it ain't in their pocket, it's not real," says Tom Wray, a consultant within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati who has promoted such apps to Catholic churches.
So far, mostly large, mainline Protestant and evangelical churches have had customized apps made, developers say. Typically, the apps aggregate information including a pastor's blog, church calendar and sometimes a public, digital wall on which congregants can request and offer prayers.

What about it?  Has technology impacted your faith life?

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  1. Fr. Barron on YouTube and CD. Also, I have found a daily missal for my Kindle and I pray my rosary with the girls in the car with a CD. Also, when I was teaching I could not have survived without my google and YouTube.


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