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Sunday: a day of rest

Send in the clowns!

Sacred Place of the Day

I hate my teenage daughter?

The Way

Islam and freedom

Planning gone awry

Budget Reform...not that hard, actually

Sacred place of the day

An open letter to the jack-asses in DC


Total rip-off Tuesday

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Death of an actor, and a fine film

Little-to-no blogging alert!

Total rip-off Tuesday

Balaam's Ass

Oh, to have this faith!

"Cry Like a Bell"

How does one pierce a llama's ears?

Sacred Place of the Day

College education: what are you paying for?

What is "gay marriage" about?

Somewhere between "Glory be" and "Good God"

Total Rip-off Tuesday

The True Beauty of Liturgy

Sacred Place of the Day

Let It Be

Oh, those stupid poor people!

Good news for many trying to conceive

Crazy people and stray dogs

Adoption is...funny

Adoption is...hard

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New homeschool curriculum

Remembering Dad

THE American song?

God bless America

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