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Am I missing something?

Sacred Place of the Day

Because God has a sense of humor....

A little something to think about.....

Jogging in a Hurricane

Total rip-off Tuesday

An encouragement from morning prayers

Mary Cassat Monday

Dogs on a bus, and crazy family stories

Oh, how I wish I had your life....

A trip to visit Bad Vestments was in order today....

Restless tonight....and the next night...and the next....

Total rip-off, part two

Drawing Autism

Sacred Place of the Day

Wonder how his second and third children feel about this?

Sacred place of the day

Total rip-off Tuesday

Stage one: complete!

Where do you serve God?

Time for a new game plan

Mary Cassatt Monday

Contest: "...and this is the thanks I get."

That's what I like about Sunday

Sacred Place of the Day

At least he's creating jobs, right?

It seemed like it would work....

Sacred Place of the Day

If you're feeling a little crafty today...

Have just discovered "Johnny Optimism"

Getting your daughter to wear decent clothes

If I'm mentally ill, am I still a reflection of God?

"I'll take just a scrap"

Total rip-off Tuesday

Where children sleep

Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Debt relief

Breakfast in Bed

Being a dad: harder or easier now than 50 years ago?

Mary Cassatt

Sacred place of the day

Feast of St. Clare

Nothing worse than a bad hair day

It's what I like about Buddha

Another glass here, please!

Just the sort of geeky, religious stuff I love!

Feast day of St. Edith Stein, Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Contest Update

Bleh: Monday

One way of looking at it

The Anti-bucket list

A favor from my readers, please

Sacred place of the day

Book review: "Islam Without Extremes"

Soundtracks to our lives

Here's hoping you have no need of this, but just in case....

The Narrow Gate

Total rip-off Tuesday

Birth control for everyone! No cost! No responsibility!

Ireland on my mind

Understanding Ramadan