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Faith tested in fire

Mary Cassatt Monday

Sacred Place of the Day

Trust in God

What are you willing to do to save another?

Don't know whether to laugh or cry....

It's been a long week, and...

Don't be jealous of God's mercy

Occupying Greed

Edge of Autumn

Missing a kid who isn't really gone

Sacred Place of the Day

Total Rip-off Tuesday

No, thanks. I'd rather have a boy.

Mary Cassatt Monday

From "unwanted" to "rock solid"

This is why I love being Catholic...

Big bully!

Birthday of Blessed John Paul II

Oh, sweet humility?

How can we make it easier to have a strong family?

Yeah, it's my life!

Artist Ran Hwang

But protesting is so much FUN!

Feast of St. John de Brebeuf, St. Isaac Jogues and companions

There's name-calling, and then there is NAME-calling

A laugh from across the pond.....

Total rip-off Tuesday

The rosary and art

Storming the castle with the Green-eyed Monster

Mary Cassatt Monday

The yin and the yang, the bitter and sweet

The end of the work week, and I'm thankful, God!

A good problem to have!

Sacred Destination of the Day

Lone Ranger joins the team

A thought for the middle of the work day

Protesting Capitalism

Book Review: "The Pope and the CEO"

Irish Beauty

I'm doing my part...

Total rip-off Tuesday

There are cults and then there are CULTS....

Autumn Haiku

Mary Cassatt Monday

Chocolate hallucinations: I have them....

Busy - BRB

"Dying women don't need contraception"

Come and follow me, (not like THAT...)

"Home is a place...."

So, am I really "stoopid" and naive?

Mental Health Awareness Week

"People like that shouldn't be allowed to have kids"

Sacred Place of the Day

I kinda wish it was Lent...