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"So, I went to confession, and ended up in a bar..."

Saturday sighing....

Are you a 2/3rds Catholic?

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."

Totally enchanted by...

Religion, iPhones, church and apps....

Yet another good reason to be Catholic...

Three Good Things Thursday

A gentle reminder, dear readers....

Delight in reading

Feast of the Holy Innocents

5 things you should stop doing in 2012

Down time between the holidays

Total Rip-off Tuesday

Urbi et orbi 2011

Did you hear what I heard?

Mary Cassatt Monday

Blogging Break

December 23 Nativity

"My Heart is Bethlehem"

December 22 Nativity

Summer Internships for college students

Putting on your elf

Expanding your vocabulary, and making friends with Wil Wheaton

December 21 Nativity

Thinking about blogging

Total rip-off Tuesday

December 20 Nativity

Great Catholic blogging

December 19 Nativity

10 really good points

Eskimo Hallelujah

December 18 Nativity

Your Saturday listening pleasure

December 17 Nativity

Rocking the cradle AND ruling the world

If I were an attorney....

December 16 Nativity

Christ in a cab

It's still 43 people too many, but good news about the death penalty in the US

December 15 Nativity


December 14 Nativity

In the category of "Don't you people have anything better to do?!"

Total rip-off Tuesday

December 13 Nativity

December 12 Nativity

Gaudete Sunday...and not really happy about it

December 11 Nativity

December 10 Nativity

"The Way": wandering aimlessly or seeking the eternal?

December 9 Nativity

Top Religions Stories of 2011?

December 8 Nativity

Re-Branding "Women"? Another stupid idea takes hold

December 7 Nativity

Le' Advent

December 6 Nativity

Total rip-off Tuesday

December 5 Nativity

Joke for the day: you'll have to be Catholic to get it....

December 4 Nativity

December 3 Nativity: Just for fun!

December 3 Nativity

That light at the end of the tunnel: it's a train, isn't it?