3 Good Things Thursday

image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
1.  2011 is done, thanks be to God.  I was ready for a fresh start, weren't you?
2.  We are still celebrating Christmas!  In fact, my family has a party this weekend with our dear Franciscan Sisters.  For those folks who throw their tree out on the curb on December 26, they miss the on-going celebration of the Incarnation, poor babies....
3.  I was gifted a Kindle (to replace the one I lost last year, I shamefully admit).  The world of literature at my fingertips once again.  Do you know about Pixel of Ink?  They have a TON of free stuff for Kindles.  (Admittedly, some of the books are a bit trashy for my taste, but they offer a variety of stuff that is definitely worth looking at:  free!!)

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